Why Us?

Our goal is too Breed, grow and produce a Quality pork product that you and I can eat and sell with confidence! Pork meat, pig meat is one of the hardiest meats to sell as consumers have issues with its 'strong game smell'!

Our Grain Fed Vegetarian pigs will change the way, people eat, feel and understand pig meat or PORK!

We want people to be able to eat and enjoy our Pork meat as much as we do.....Wholesome meat you can't beat!

  • Murphy's Creek Pork 2017 Advertisement campaign
    Murphy's Creek Pork 2017 Advertisement campaign
  • Murphy's Creek Pork campaign for 2016
    Murphy's Creek Pork campaign for 2016
Murphy's Creek Pork 2017 Advertisement campaign
Murphy's Creek Pork 2017 Advertisement campaign

Daryl and Deb Hancock's Experience: We have over 20 years experience within in the pig industry, and have had Australian Pork Limited APIQ certified for more than 5 years!  Murphy's Creek Pork has a variety of pig housing on farm, mainly straw based Eco shelters with 1 conventional shed (100% Sow free stalls, minimal Antibiotics, yes Vaccinations).

Murphy's Creek pork point of difference with in the Australian Pig industry is  our New Age Pork -100% Vegetarian grain fed pig rations, which means no fish, blood or meat meal products are fed to our pigs. We have also introduced a 3 way Combination cross of Land race, Large white and Duroc 'The Angus of Pigs' which assists the Vegetarian diet with its flavour, textures, marbling characteristic's with its lovely white crisp fat, and distinctive rich red colour pig meat!

This 6th Generation small business mixed farming enterprise is owned and operated by Daryl and Deb Hancock, with our two children Campbell and Georgia!  We thought and felt 'our pork tastes really different'?! So we gave some samples to family and friends....comments mainly were 'it tastes like old style pork, .....memories I had when I was growing up' and this is how Murphy's Creek Pork was born.

At Murphy's Creek pork we pride it's self on being honest, responsible and transparent when producing healthy, Australian  pigs! Our small Commercial piggery produces 2000- 3000 piglets per year! Farming is hard work, and our Australian Pork industry is in trying times due to Imported pig meat and Pork products. 

We can not express enough- Put Australian Pork on your fork!

We are different, we are local Aussie farmers, that produce Australian Pork!

Our 100% Grain Fed Vegetarian pig meat is fabulous due to is light texture, moisture, sweet flavour! 'Does it taste like pork?' Give it a try, you will be surprised, and yes you will be putting Australian Pork on your fork.....